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Dubarry Galway Boots

Dubarry Galway Slim Fit

Dubarry Galway Boots are fully waterproof and breathable, perfect for a range of country pursuits, crafted using only the highest quality materials.

Price: £379.00

o Signature boots in the Dubarry Collection
o GORE-TEX® lining - waterproof and breathable
o DryFast-DrySoft leather
o Stylish leather ties - knee height
o Fitted finger loops - ease of getting on
o Duo compound PU and rubber sole
o Sole injected directly onto upper Subtle
o Dubarry and GORE-TEX® branding

The Dubarry Galway Boots are the signature boots in the Dubarry Collection, full of the classic Dubarry charm in the well-loved practical yet stylish country design. These classic Dubarry boots feature GORE-TEX® lining, making the boots fully waterproof and breathable, ideal for a wide range of country pursuits. The innovative lining keeps your feet dry and extremely comfortable in a range of conditions helping to wick away moisture, allowing your skin to breathe for exceptional comfort. Fitted finger loops inside the boots teamed with a wide entry design make the Galway boots easy to get on and one of the most practicaland convenient styles in the Dubarry range. There is also an "Extra Fit" option, which has been developed for wider calves, providing a wider upper and foot entry for those who have a high instep, and wider fit within the foot-bed to ensure all-round comfort. The Dubarry Galway Boots are made from the unique DryFast-DrySoft specially treated Dubarry leather that absorbs less water and dries quicker, retaining softness and overall suppleness to keep the boots in great condition throughout everyday wear. The leather is taken from full cowhides, complete with all natural imperfections to create a very stylish and rugged look. The practical design ofthe Galway boots are completed with high quality Duo compound and PU rubber soles.