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Dubarry Care Gift Set

Dubarry Footwear Care Trial Pack

Dubarry Footwear Care Trial Pack contains a cleaner, conditioner and protector.

Price: £12.00

• Footwear Protector
• Footwear Cleaner
• Footwear Conditioner

This is a very useful starter pack of the Dubarry Footcare products. The Trial pack contains 70ml Protector spray, 30ml Cleaner and 30ml conditioner.
The Dubarry Cleaner is suitable for all footwear, it is a gel cleaner and should be used on footwear that has been brushed and lightly rinsed with water. It should be applied with a sponge or cloth and rubbed all over the footwear then left to dry overnight before treating with Dubarry Conditioner or Protector.
The Dubarry Conditioner is suitable for smooth or full grain leather clean footwear. The cream should be applied sparingly and rubbed into the surface. You can use as many coats as necessary.
The Dubarry Protector is ideal for all nubuck and suede footwear, which should be clean before treating. Spray two coats evenly over the surface of the footwear leaving 5 minutes between applications. Wipe off any excess from the sole or welt and leave to dry overnight.

These Dubarry Footwear Care products will keep your footwear in first class condition.