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Net-Tex Fly Repellent Spray
Net-Tex Fly Repellent Spray
Net-Tex Fly Repellent Spray

Nettex Fly Repellent Spray

A long lasting fly repellent for horses to provide protection from biting insects and annoying flies for up to 24 hours.

Price: From £5.86

The original fly repellent from Nettex, a repellent blended in moisturisers and conditioners to care for the coat and skin and give this product the ability to provide repellence for up to 24 hours by slowing the evaporation process. Horses especially living out need good 24 hour protection as the worst time for midge irritation is dawn and dusk. This formula gives horses and ponies freedom in the summer months from pesky flies and biting insects.

Nettex Fly repellent spray contains DEET and lemon fragrance N,17.6%w/w, P-Menthane 3.8-diol 0.3 w/w.

This spray is also useful to soothe the skin after an insect bite.

Application should be made directly to the horses skin at a rate of 0.75g (1 trigger pull) for each 100cm2. The application should be made to the horses neck and body.