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Korsteel Flexible Rubber Mullen Mouth Loose Ring Snaffle

Korsteel Flexible Rubber Mullen Mouth Snaffle

This horse bit has a flexible rubber mullen mouthpiece and loose ring cheeks.

Price: £10.50

Bits with rubber mouthpieces:
Stainless steel bits can have quite a bitter taste to them which some horses
don't particularly like. Rubber Mouthpieces are a warmer feel to the horse's mouth, those horses that do not accept stainless steel very well sometimes accept rubber very well. The rubber mouthpiece is particularly useful for horses with sensitive bars and/or tongues. The rubber mouthpiece is a milder alternative to stainless steel as the mouthpiece is normally thicker; therefore the pressure is distributed over a larger area. The rubber bits may be unsuitable if your horse is a larger breed which has thicker fleshy lips and/or large tongue.

Loose Ring Snaffles:
The loose rings snaffles make a more mobile bit than an eggbutt or fixed cheek bit, which should encourage your horse to keep a relaxed jaw and mouth the bit. The loose ring may be useful if your horse leans on the bit, or takes hold, as the bit is always movable so the horse cannot take hold as easily as they could with a fixed cheek. This bit is also useful for gaining contact as the movable mouthpiece enables the bit to fit the mouth, contour the tongues natural position and sit comfortably.

Inside the rubber is a stainless steel wire for strength.