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LeMieux Flexi Curry Comb

LeMieux Flexi Curry Comb

Flexi Curry Comb is from the range of LeMieux Flexi brushes, its articulated design makes it comfortable to use with its contours that fit your hand.

Price: £9.95

• Articulated design
• Ergonomic shape
• Adjustable strap
• Helps to remove dirt dust and loose hair

Flexi Curry Comb has been designed with an ergonomic shape which fits into your hand perfectly to reduce wrist strain and gripping effort on the brush. The adjustable strap allows for the perfect fit. The flexibility of the LeMieux Flexi Curry Comb allows it to reach almost every part of your horses body for a deep clean which is ideal for getting out dirt, dust and loose hair. Not only does it feel great for your horse, but is also comfortable for you.

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