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TopSpec Fibre Plus Cubes 20kg

TopSpec FibrePlus

TopSpec FibrePlus Cubes are an excellent highly digestible fibre source with added ingredients to allow a little muscle development and function.

Price: £17.91

These should be thought of as high quality high fibre cubes.

The formula is non-heating and low in sugar and starch. Soya and linseed are added to balance the calories with protein and help to avoid the fat but not fitsituation which often occurs when good-doers are fed low quality high fibre cubes.

We guarantee that no straw is included in these cubes. The major minerals calcium, sodium and magnesium are added to this cereal grain free formula.

Excellent highly digestible fibre source for all horses with added ingredients to promote muscle development and function
Can be fed dry or quick soaked
Helps maintain a healthy digestive system

WHEN TO USE TopSpec FibrePlus:
As an essential source of fibre for elderly horses and ponies with poor or no teeth. The cubes can be quickly soaked to a mash that will provide a superb complete feed when fed with TopSpec Senior Feed Balancer.
As a safe, very low calorie feed for horses and ponies prone to laminitis.
As a very low calorie feed for good-doers.
As a reassuringly 'non-heating' feed for sharp or 'fizzy' horses
As a non-stimulating feed to give when horses are being 'broken-in' or moved.