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British Horse Feeds Fibre-Beet

British Horse Feeds Fibre-Beet

Fibre Beet is a quick soaking feed for horses that require additional calories and quality protein.

Price: £21.72

• A good way of increasing fibre intake for performance horses
• Good to feed after competition to encourage fluid consumption
• Ideal for horses prone to laminitis
• Added Biotin for a healthy hooves
• Slow release energy for fussy feeders
• Soft feed which is easy to eat for older horses or those recovering from illness.

Fibre Beet is very useful for performance horses, especially those who have reduced amounts of forage in their diet, as it can increase fibre intake but without the bulk of hay or haylage.
When soaked it is ideal for feeding to endurance horses at vet gates, or to eventers after cross country, as it will encourage fluid consumption and aid rehydration, especially when electrolytes are added. It is a soft feed which is easy to eat for recovering or veteran horses and ponies.
Fibre beet has been carefully formulated from a combination of Speedi-Beet, Alfalfa and Oat fibre. It is ideal for horses that are prone to Laminitis with added Biotin. It provides slow release energy and is very good for those fussy eaters.

If soaked in cold water it will be ready in 45 minutes.
If soaked in warm water it will be ready in 15 minutes.

Fibre-Beet can be fed as a forage alternative, hard feed replacer, conditioner or nutritional aid.