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Stihl FS 70 C-E Bushcutter

STIHL FS70 C-E Brushcutter

The FS 70 C-E Brushcutter is perfect for the home and garden mowing larger areas of tough grass, with a range of great features for simple and easy use!

Price: From £435.00

• Ideal for large areas - tough grass
• Convenient bike handles
• Basic harness
• Home and garden use
• Efficient 2-MIX engine

The Stihl FS 70 C-E Brushcutter is designed for mowing large areas of rough grass around the larger garden for home use, with a range of handy features.

• Stihl ErgoStart
• Bike handles
• Stihl 2-MIX engine technology
• Multi function handle
• Basic harness included
• Shortened starting system
• With AutoCut C25-2 metal blade
• For home, farm and garden use

The Stihl FS 70 C-E Brushcutter uses the 2-MIX engine technology, which is a highly efficient engine producing significantly lower emissions and up tp 28% fuel savings (compared to previous models). Lower fuel consumption extends refuelling intervals, for longer running time between filling up.

The FS 70 C-E features Stihl ErgoStart for faster and easier starting requiring less effort, through an additional spring placed between the crankshaft and the starter cord reel. The simplified starting system reduces the steps needed to start the FS 70 C-E brushcutter for quicker and smoother starting, incorporating a semi automatic choke to help prevent engine flooding.