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STIHL FS 50 C-E Grass Trimmer

The FS 50 C-E Grass Trimmer is light, ergonomically shaped and balanced for easy operating with ErgoStart for smoother starting with less effort!

Price: £184.00

• Lightweight and easy to operate
• Ergonomic shape
• Simple starting
• Ideal for small areas of grass

The FS 50 C-E is the perfect tool for trimming around obstacle in the garden and tidying up the allotment with a range of excellent features to promote easy operating and high performance.

• ErgoStart
• Multi-function loop handle
• 2-MIX engine technology
• Loop handle - tool free adjustment
• Streamlined starting system
• Reduced emissions and fuel consumption

The Stihl FS 50 C-E Grass Trimmer 2-stroke engine with stratified charge features a layer of fuel free air between the crankcase and burned charge in the combustion chamber for fast acceleration, whilst significantly reducing emissions. It also helps to reduce fuel consumption and provide improved performance, with a much more efficient engine.

The simplified starting system has considerably reduced the steps needed for starting the grass trimmer, for easy staring. Stihl ErgoStart has also been added to significantly reduce the effort needed to start the FS 50 C-E for jerk free smoother starting.

To improve comfort the loop handle can be easily adjusted to suit you, without the need for tools. The FS 50 C-E is ideal for trimming smaller grassy areas and manoeuvring around difficult obstacles, the perfect home garden tool.