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Burgess Excel Dandelion & Marigold Herbage

Burgess Excel Dandelion & Marigold Herbage

Burgess Excel Herbage is an extra tasty unique combination of Timothy Hay with Herbs and is a delicious source of good quality, long fibre for small animals.

Price: £8.32

Marigold contains Lutein which has anti-viral properties to promote a healthy immune system and Dandelions are good for urinary tract health, particularly in rabbits. The unique drying process enables the hay to be preserved in its most nutritional and natural form and achieves a more consistent quality,the process also reduces the dust content to the minimum. When fed alongside your small animals normal diet (we recommend the Burgess Excel range) it provides a complete healthy diet for your animal. Providing Timothy Hay daily is extremely important for rabbits and guinea pigs because the high levels of fibre it provides help to keep their delicate digestive systems healthy. Timothy Hay also helps to keep your rabbits teeth in tip top condition. Rabbits teeth grow between 2 - 3 mm per week. Eating Timothy Hay helps to wear down teeth as your rabbit chews. Providing Timothy Hay also keeps your animal busy which can help reduce any behavioural problems. The product should be fed ad-lib and provided fresh each day alongside your small animals normal food; we recommend the Excel range. Fresh water should always be freely available. To add further variety to your rabbits diet feed Excel Snacks, healthy treats from the Excel range and a variety of fresh vegetables and herbs. A complimentary petfood for rabbits and other small animals.