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Net-tex Equine Feather Mite Powder

Nettex Equine Feather Mite Powder

This Mite Powder is specifically for use on Horses Feathers, where mites often cause irritation.

Price: £8.06

Nettex Feather Mite Powder for Horses 200g can be really distressing for the horse causing them to constantly stamp their legs trying to relieve irritation! In severe cases horses will continually chew the legs causing sores. This is an effective treatment in a manageable squeezable puff bottle for direct application to reach affected areas.
Natural formulation that will not irritate skin contains no chemicals. Killing action works mechanically on surface of mites, breaking down their protective coating causing them to dehydrate and die.

In serious cases where horse's and ponies have heavy feathering, the feathers may need to be clipped or trimmed to reach problem areas. For Maximum effect can be used in conjunction with Itch Stop Pre-Wash shampoo.