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Fulmart Equiblox Hi Fibre Blocks

Fulmart Equiblox Hi Fibre Blocks

Fulmart Equiblox Hi Fibre Blocks are ideal for good doers as a treat or complementary feed to provide additional fibre and keep horses entertained.

Price: £14.60

• 70% dust extracted hay, 30% fibre
• Highly palatable and easy to feed
• No added molasses or additives
• Low nutritional value - great for good doers
• Suitable for horses and ponies prone to laminitis
• Perfect as a treat or complementary feed

Equilblox® Hi-Fibre Blocks are good for horses and ponies that gain weight easily and for those in light to medium work. Hi-Fibre blocks are highly palatable but have low nutritional value making them the perfect treat or complementary feed.

Formulated using 70% dust extracted hay and 30% fibre, Equiblox Hi-Fibre blocks are low in sugar and have no added molasses or additives.

Feeding Guide

Feed in the stable or outdoors.

For older horses or those who struggle to eat a solid product Equiblox can also be soaked in water.

• Feed by weight not volume.
• Adjust quantities of forage according to condition, exercise and temperament.• Make changes to diet gradually.
• Provide fresh clean water at all times.
• Follow a good worming programme.
• Check horses teeth regularly.