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Shires EquiKind+ Full Cheek Peanut Bit

Shires EquiKind+ Full Cheek Peanut Bit

The Shires EquiKind Loose Ring Full Cheek Peanut Bit is made with the gentle EquiKind coating, ideal for horses with sensitive mouths.

Price: £31.19

• Stainless steel bit
• EquiKind coating
• Thinner mouthpiece than rubber bits
• Ideal for horses with sensitive mouths
• Full cheek design aids steering
• Mouthpiece thickness: 15mm
• Cheek height: 165mm

This bit has a lozenge to encourage a softer contact and full cheeks to aid with steering. It is made from stainless steel with an EquiKind coating which offers a thinner mouthpiece to rubber bits making it more comfortable for horses that don't have room for thick mouthpieces. It is ideal for sensitive mouths or horses that don't like metal bits.