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EasiBed Easibed

EasiBed Easibed

Easibed provides a comfortable and free-draining bedding for horses and ponies. Made from clean recycled wood.

Price: £9.95

• Made from clean recycled wood
• Naturally free-draining
• Quicker to muck out
• Economical and dust free
• Supportive consistency
• Great as an absorbent base
• Organic Farmers & Growers Certified

Easibed is made from clean recycled wood in fibre chipping form which is naturally supportive and free-draining. The consistency of Easibed means it allows the wet to drain through to the base where it is absorbed leaving the top layer dry. It is also dust free to create a healthy stable environment for your horse.
Easibed also has Farmers & Growers certification so it can be spread on land part of an organic farming system. An economical bedding that is quick to muck out.