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Brinvale Dried Mealworms for Birds

Brinvale Dried Mealworms for Birds

Mealworms are an excellent source of protein and are extremely helpful for wild birds in the breeding season.

Price: £7.39

These dried mealworms have a really good shelf life and are easy to store. These are freeze-dried mealworms, which is a process which locks in all of the protein and nutrients that the mealworms would offer when alive.

How to feed Dried Mealworms and get the most out of them:

The only thing that is lost in this drying process is the moisture that is offered by live mealworms but this can be replicated by soaking the dried worms in water before offering them.

If you soak them for around 10-15 minutes in warm water they will easily double up in size! Although not necessary it is thought that it is easier for fledglings to eat so could be a good thing to try around Spring into early Summer time to help progress the development of the newborn chicks.