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Shires Dressage Markers Hoops

Shires Dressage Markers Set Of 8

The shires Dressage Marker Hoops are easy to use and quick to set up, this set of eight include A, B, C, E, F, H, K and M.

Price: £79.99

• Set of 8
• A B C E F H K M
• Steal hoops
• Tread in - easily inserted into the ground
• Easy to handle
• Dimensions: 69cm tall x 22.5cm wide
• Ideal for temporary and permanent arenas
• Can be used on most surfaces

The Dressage Marker Hoops are ideal for temporary and permanent use. Consisting of a tread bar and a steal looped top making the markers easy to carry, remove and tread into most grounds and surfaces. To be used in standard size arenas (20m x 40m) or to be used alongside of the add on pack of 4 for long arenas (20m x 60m).