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Carr & Day & Martin Dreamcoat Ultimate Coat Finish

Carr & Day & Martin Dreamcoat Ultimate Coat Finish

Carr Day and Martin Dreamcoat can be used on the mane and tail as well as the coat with a non-slip formula, ideal for creating the ultimate show ring finish.

Price: £11.70

o High quality coat finisher
o Revolutionary Equimist 360 bottle
o Non-slip formula - can be used on saddle area
o Leaves a soft and sleek show ring finish
o No grease or residue on the coat
o Ideal for highlighting muscle tone
o Easy to apply - excellent coverage
o Can be used on the mane and tail
o Great for using prior to plaiting
o Quiet bottle - ideal for nervous horses
o Perfect for pre-show preparation and grooming
Carr Day and Martin Dreamcoat is as it says on the bottle, the ultimate coat finisher. The revolutionary Equimist 360 bottle makes it super easy to apply with a constant spray that allows you to achieve an even finish and unbeatable coverage. This innovative bottle removes the need for constant pulls of the trigger and the spray works at any angle, even if you need to tip the bottle to reach under your horse. It is also significantly quieter than traditional sprays making it ideal for use around nervous horses and ponies that get upset by the noise created by trigger sprays. As well as the innovative packaging Dreamcoat boost a superior formula that can also be used on the saddle area without making it slippery due to its special non-slip formula. It leaves no nasty residues or greasy marks, creating only a beautifully glossy shine and super sleek finish. This unique formula can also be used on the mane and tail, ideal for apply prior to plaiting to give the plaits a high gloss finish and brilliant shine. Dreamcoat is perfect for applying before a show to highlight muscles and give your horse a soft and satin sleek finish. This versatile product form the Carr Day and Martin collection is the ultimate coat finisher, giving your horse a show worthy shine from head to tail! Dreamcoat can be used on wet and dry coat, mane and tail with excellent results and is significantly easier to apply than products in traditional trigger spray bottles.

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