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Premier Equine Cold Water Boots

Premier Equine Cold Water Boots

Cold Water Boots from Premier Equine are ideal for after work out or injury to reduce swelling and support the tendons and fetlock.

Price: £47.00

• Soak to activate crystals
• 60 minutes soak time
• Anatomic shape
• Use on front and hind legs
• Supports tendons and fetlock

These boots are ideal to use after exercise if there is swelling in the legs. The Cold Water boots should be soaked in cold water to activate the crystals.
The first time that the boots are used they need to be soaked for 24 hours approximately, then for future use just 60 minutes soak in cold water. The Premier Equine Cold Water Boots have a good anatomic shape and will wrap around the legs this makes them easy to put on and take off and they are such a good shape that this prevents slipping.

Cold Water Boots should be used for 20 minute sessions at a time.
If you require extra cold treatment the boots can be soaked in a bucket with ice packs added to allow the boot to cool further. For maximum cooling of the boots they can be taken from the iced bucket and placed in a bag in the fridge for an hour but NEVER FREEZE the boots.
If using Cold Water Boots for an injury they can be applied 6-7 times a day but for no longer than 20 minute sessions.
It is advisable to contact your vet if symptoms persist.
Please note DO NOT USE on cuts and abrasions or damaged skin.