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Thorowgood Cob Girth

Thorowgood Cob Girth (Non-Elasticated)

Thorowgood Cob Girth has been specifically designed for the more rotund cob, with extra features to help keep the saddle secure and your horse comfortable.

Price: From £22.96

• Comfortable textured Airoform material for air flow
• Non-elasticated to ensure stability when fastened
• Cut out shape behind the elbows
• Split buckle ends to ensure easy fastening to both the point and balance straps
• Double layer stitching for extra durability
• Stainless steel roller buckles for ease of closure
• Wipe clean with a sponge

The Thorowgood Cob Girth has been designed for cobs and horses with a barrelled conformation, to help with the challenges many owners face trying to secure their saddle safely. The split buckle ends enable easy reaching to both the balance and point straps.

The textured soft Airoform material helps to enhance air flow and keep the horse cooler. To prevent pinching the cob girth has been shaped to allow space behind the elbows. The straps are also non-elasticated to prevent stretching and hold the girth more securely in place.

Stainless steel roller buckles aid in easy adjusting and help to prolong the life of the girth, preventing rust and easing strain associated with standard buckles. The double layer stitching increases the durability of the girth and increases its life span.

Just wipe the girth clean using a damp cloth, no need for products.