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Natural Animal Feeds Citronella Tags 2 Pack

NAF Citronella Tags 2 Pack

Citronella Wrist Bands 2 Pack deters those pesky midges and flies, lasts 4 to 6 weeks.

Price: £10.99

• Pack of 2
• Lasts 4 to 6 weeks
• Contains Citronella oil
• Use indoor or out
• Adjustable control of fragrance
• Fits on the wrist or ankle
• Silicone band

This Naf Off Citronella wrist band is ideal for those of us who always seem to get bitten! Wear the band on your wrist when you are out riding or just around the yard or garden to deter those pesky midges and flies. The band is made from silicone and has a special compartment to hold the Citronella oil. It is very durable and also waterproof. To activate the band just puncture any of the five holes on the top part for the level of fragrance required.

Follow and read instructions before use. If any allergic reaction stop using immediately. Avoid contact with the eyes or mouth. Keep out of reach of children.
Active ingredient - Citronella oil.
Band material - Cymene ethylene silicone.