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Kincade Chifney Headstrap

Kincade Chifney Headstrap

Kincade Chifney Headstrap used to carry a Chifney bit in the horse's mouth.

Price: £8.99


• For use with an anti-rearing bit (Chifney)
• Adjustable strap to fit a range of sizes
• For leading not riding
• Made from leather

The Chifney Headstrap holds the Chifney bit in the horse's mouth, by attaching to the two outer rings. A Chifney is an anti-rearing bit used for leading horses instead of a headcollar. They cannot be used for riding. Pressure is applied to the tongue if a horse rears and released as soon as they come back down.

With any bit it is important that it is fitted correctly, adjust the strap appropriately.

Leather Care:

Ensure to clean the strap regularly with water or leather cleaner and use saddle soap and occasionally oil to keep the leather supple.