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Thomas Cat Litter 16Ltr

Thomas Cat Litter 16Ltr

Thomas Cat Litter is made of a blend of natural minerals, which efficiently absorbs moisture helping to slow down the development of odours.

Price: £10.90

• Blend of natural minerals
• Hygienic and reliable
• Absorbent - odour reduction
• Does not stick to your cat's feet
• Great value

Thomas Cat Litter is made from all natural ingredients, making an absorbent litter that effectively traps moisture and reduces the development of odours. A blend of natural minerals make the small granules, which have been specifically sized to prevent them from sticking to your cat's feet.

Thomas Cat Litter is hygienic and reliable, keeping your cat's litter tray clean and inviting, just how your cat likes it to be. The UK's number one cat litter and great value.

Directions for use:

Fill your litter tray to approximately 6cm depth with Thomas cat litter and replace soiled and wet litter as needed. Once a week completely empty the litter tray. Thoroughly clean the litter tray and ensure it is dry before filling with clean dry litter.

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