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Harrisons Cast Copper Plated Seed Feeder - 35cm

Harrisons Cast Copper Plated Seed Feeder - 35cm

Harrisons range of cast metal Seed Feeders are very durable and hard wearing, with three stylish finishes to choose from, they look great in any garden.

Price: £28.00

• Durable and hard wearing seed feeder
• Sophisticated design
• Very easy to fill and clean
• Convenient metal handle
• Sturdy metal perches
• Weather and squirrel proof
• Range of sizes available

The Harrisons Range of Metal Seed Feeders are very stylish and hardwearing, and would look great in any garden. These feeders are very easy to fill, featuring a simple lift off top design, simply choose any of the wild bird seed mixes available and pour it into the body of the feeder.

The sturdy carry handle makes it easy to hang the feeder in a suitable safe place and is also very convenient for carrying the feeder to and from the house or shed to refill and clean. It features durable die-cast metal perches to offer birds a place to stop whilst they eat, with more perches on the larger sizes to cater for a greater number of birds at any one time.

There are 3 different sizes to choose from including 20cm, 35cm and 51cm, depending on the amount of birds that visit your garden and feed. The Harrison range of durable Cast Metal Seed Feeders are also squirrel proof, with a clever design that helps to prevent them from being able to access the seed.

Placement: It is important to place any seed feeders in a safe and suitable position, away from the risk of predators and any unnecessary obstructions. Ensure the seed feeder is high off the ground.