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LeMieux Carbon Air Cross Country Boots - Hind

LeMieux Carbon Air Cross Country Boots - Hind

The new LeMieux Carbon Air brings the latest in protection design with a smart and durable XC boot

Price: £52.50

These fully vented XC boots allow air to strategically flow through the boot to keep tendons cool. Cutting edge shock absorption and tendon support with a flexible Polycarbonate strike guard give these boots superior protection to prevent injury while still keeping a super lightweight profile

The close fit new perforated EVA lining is ultra soft and non-slip with elasticated central locking strap keeps the boot securely in place

These boots are perfect to withstand the rigour of cross country and can also be used as tough everyday work boots

Important fitting information
Please be aware that correct fitting is essential for the optimum use of Carbon Air Boots. To achieve a safe secure fit these cross-country boots need to be put on firmly. Remove from packaging and squeeze the strike guards between fingers to shape prior to putting on. The guards are often flattened when packaged and need to be made more pliable for best fitting
1.Place the strike guard at the back of the tendon with a cupped hand.
2.Firmly apply the top, middle and bottom straps in succession
3.Once happy with the position of boots go back and re-tighten the middle moulding-strap with its elasticated section. This is very important as it takes up any slack in the boot where the leg in narrower and prevents rotation
4.The bottom strap should be slightly angled down to ensure best fit round the fetlock