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Mollichaff Calmer

MolliChaff Calmer

Molichaff Calmer is a complete feed which is ideal for fizzy horses and ponies.

Price: £14.01

• Vitamins B1, B12 and E
• Chamomile, lemon and mint
• Magnesium
• Low sugar and starch

This Molichaff Calmer contains the usual Molichaff ingredients with the addition of a unique calming formula of herbs and vitamins. It contains chamomile, lemon balm and mint, increased levels of magnesium and vitamins B1, B12 and E.
A magnesium deficiency can lead to increased muscle contraction and prevent your horse relaxing. Vitamin B1 and B12 are believed to exert a calming influence in horses and Vitamin E is beneficial to the cell membrane function. It is low in starch and sugar and provides a controlled energy release from high quality digestible fibre and oil based ingredients. It is a complete feed and can therefore be fed alone. It features the HoofKind logo, showing it is safe to feed to laminitics.
Straw, Fibre, Pellets, Molasses, Dried Grass, Soya Oil, Vitamin and Mineral premix, Herbs, Limestone, Salt and Flour.

Protein 7.8%
Energy 9.8mj per kg
Crude Fibre 27.6%
Oil 5.7%
Ash 8%
Calcium 0.83%
Phosphorous 0.4%
Magnesium 3.4g/kg