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Dodson & Horrell Build & Glow

Dodson & Horrell Build & Glow

Build & Glow from Dodson & Horrell is a supplementary feed that will aid in weight gain for your horse.

Price: £21.15

• Helps gain bodyweight
• Contains vegetable oils
• Essential fatty acids
• Contains Lecithin
• Contains Vitamin E
• Suitable for show horses and ponies

This is a supplement to be added to your horses regular feed to help those horses who need to gain weight. Build and Glow contains vegetable oils, essential fatty acids, Lecithin and essential Vitamin E and as the name says gives your horse or pony a glowing coat . Build and Glow is high in calories and should be added to hard feed divided into 2 or three meals a day.

Do not exceed 200g per 100kg in bodyweight per day in total.

Feeding Guide:

Feed 100g per 100kg bodyweight per day in addition to the horses regular feed. Free access to forage and fresh water.
Ensure the minimum intake of 1.5kg per 100kg bodyweight of forage each day.