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Bonio The Original
Bonio The Original
Bonio The Original

Bonio Bonio 1.2KG

The Original Bonio is a tasty and nutritious oven baked treat, made with wholegrain cereals to provide a deliciously crunchy reward for your dog.

Price: £4.09

• Oven baked
• Made with wholegrain cereals
• Low in fat
• Crunchy and delicious
• Helps to keep teeth and gums healthy
• Natural fibre for healthy digestion
• Added vitamins and minerals

Original Bonios have been a favourite crunchy treat since 1932, oven baked to perfection to create a crunchy texture that also helps to keep your dog's teeth and gums healthy, by gently removing plaque to reduce the build up of tartar. They are naturally low in fat, made with healthy wholegrain that provides a source of fibre to maintain good digestive health.

Bonio's are also enriched with essential vitamins and minerals to ensure they are not only very tasty but nutritious and healthy too. These traditionally oven baked super tasty treats are loved by dogs of all shapes and sizes and have been a very popular biscuit treat for many years.