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EasiChick Bedding

EasiChick Bedding

EasiChick is a dust free wood fibre bedding which has been specially designed for poultry and other birds.

Price: £9.90

• Treated with organic additive making it Bacteria Free
• Free-draining and highly absorbent
• Economical and easy to clean out
• Biodegradable and doesn't blow around
• Creates a warm and comfortable bed
• Organic Farmers & Growers certified

EasiChick bedding is an economical wood fibre bedding that is easy to use. It is manufactured in a biosecure environment and then treated with an organic additive making it bacteria free which helps to protect the health of your birds.

EasiChick is very economical and naturally free-draining with the top layer staying dry and the bottom layer absorbing the wet, saving time cleaning out. The heavier nature of the wood fibre stops it from blowing around the aviary creating less mess. A great bedding for all birds.