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Stihl BR 500

STIHL BR 500 Blower

The BR 500 Petrol Backpack Blower is powerful and ideal for professional use cleaning large areas, with a range of features for easy and comfortable handling.

Price: £642.00

• Ideal for professional use - large areas
• Powerful and economical
• Surprisingly quiet
• Comfortable to use

The BR 500 Petrol Backpack Blower has a range of features for easy maintenance and operation, is high performing and ideal for a range of professional cleaning jobs.

• 4-MIX engine technology
• Built-in sound dampener
• Anti vibration system
• Ergonomic carry harness
• Tool free filler cap
• Locking throttle lever
• Carry handle
• Rubberised 2-component handle
• Multi function control handle

The Stihl BR 500 Backpack Blower features Stihl 4-MIX engine technology, which uses 4-stroke mixed lubrication technology and runs on a fuel oil mix like a 2-stroke engine, promoting fuel efficiency and lower emissions yet more power, torque and faster acceleration.

To provide more comfort and easier handling the BR 500 features the Stihl anti-vibration system, which significantly reducing the tremors felt through the handles of the machine by dampening the oscillations from the engine. An ergonomic frame also improves comfort for easy control and operation, with wide straps to spread the weight more evenly. A convenient carry handle has been incorporated to make moving and transporting the BR 500 easy!