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Stihl BR 350 Blower

STIHL BR 350 Blower

The BR 350 Petrol Backpack Blower is powerful and easy to maintain, ideal for tough clearing tasks on a larger scale, moving even wet and heavy leaves easily.

Price: £330.00

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• Powerful and efficient
• Easy maintenance
• Economical 2-MIX engine technology
• Comfortable to use

The BR 350 Petrol backpack Blower is the perfect tool for demanding landscaping jobs, clearing large areas at home and professional use by local authorities, with many great Stihl features.

• Anti-vibration system
• Simplified starting
• ElastoStart
• Multi function control handle
• 2-MIX Engine Technology
• Wide shoulder straps
• Ergonomic handles

The BR 350 Backpack Blower comes with the Stihl anti-vibration system for more comfortable handling, reducing the vibrations felt through the handles, which helps to prevent problems in your hands and arms after long term use with heavy duty oscillating machinery.

Simplified starting has been introduced for quicker and easier starting, significantly reducing the steps needed to start the machine. The BR 350 also features a multi function handle, which allows the user to operate the blower without the need to remove their hand from the handle at any time, with comfortable thumb operated controls.

Stihl ElastoStart helps to adjust the shock felt during starting, and works through a rubber part or spring in the handle to absorb the vibrations.