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Dr John Arkwrights Chicken

Gilbertson & Page Arkwrights Chicken

Arkwrights Chicken is a complete nutritious meal with all the essential nutrients to give an adult working dog everything they need.

Price: £14.19

- Complete food for working dogs
- Contains protein for your dog
= Contains nutrition for your dog
- Chicken
- Suitable for adult working dogs
- Crunchy Bite Sized Pieces Basted with Meat Juices

Arkwrights Chicken Dog Food features easily digestible proteins, fibres to improve gut health and carbohydrates that your pooch can easily use as a source of energy. Arkwrights Chicken is a simple working diet with chicken and whole grain cereals for palatability and slow energy release. A complete food formulated for all sporting and working adult dogs. Available in 15 kg pack.

It can be fed dry, or moistened to the consistency that your dog prefers. When feeding for the first time it is suggested that you introduce the food gradually over a few days until it replaces all other dog food. An individual dog's requirement vary and may differ from the suggested daily feeding guide. Always feed to the condition adjusting the amount fed to meet the individual dog's needs. Always ensure that fresh drinking water is readily available at all times