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Kincade Anti-Grazing Straps

Kincade Anti-Grazing Straps

Kincade Anti-Grazing Straps are a fantastic aid to stop a pony from grazing when being ridden.

Price: £17.24

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• Anti-grazing
• Fully adjustable
• Nylon webbed
• Ensures confidence

Anti-Grazing Straps are perfect for strong cheeky ponies who like to eat! Grass reins are usually required during the summer months when the grass is so appealing. They help to keep your child's confidence which can be quickly lost with cheeky ponies. This strap can also be used for ponies who like to put their heads down to buck. To use attach the two short straps through the D-Rings on the saddle, lay the long strap along the top of the neck to the bridle headpiece and attach here.