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OSS-I-CHAFF Advanced

Oss-I-Chaff Advanced

Oss-I-Chaff Advanced is a complete feed with added cod liver oil, biotin, vitamins and minerals, promoting calm and controlled behaviour.

Price: £12.18

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• Added Biotin for hoof health
• Added cod liver oil for joints
• Balanced with essential vitamins and minerals
• Provides additional chewing time
• Helps to keep your horse contented for longer

Oss-I-Chaff will keep your horse content which in turn will help reduce the risk of stable vices including fretting that may lead to weight loss and lack of condition. It also helps to promote calm and controlled behaviour, resulting in a better performance.

The addition of cod liver oil is great for coat and skin, creating a shiny healthy coat and also has benefits to joint health. The correct levels of vitamins and minerals helps to prevent deficiencies and health problems that may occur due to a lack in the correct levels.
Biotin encourages strong and healthy hoof growth, helping to keep hooves in optimum condition.
Store in a cool dry place away from pests and rodents.

Especially useful for:

Brood mares as supplies vitamins that are needed for pregnant and suckling mares.
Older Horses as it will keep them healthy and reduces the symptoms of old age (i.e stiff joints).
Horses with digestive or behavioural problems from feeding cereals.
Heavy Horses that are required to be sensible, quiet and easy to handle whilst in difficult conditions.
Show Horses as prevents Hay Belly and gives fitness without causing obesity.