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Burns Original Chicken and Brown Rice
Burns Original Chicken and Brown Rice
Burns Original Lamb and Brown Rice
Burns Original Fish and Brown Rice

Burns Adult Original

Burns Original is complete premium food for adult dogs, made to a high quality hypo-allergenic formula, which helps prevent digestive and skin sensitivities.

Price: From £12.79

• Hypo-allergenic formula
• Wheat gluten free recipe
• No beef or dairy
• Ideal for dogs with sensitive skin
• Support for sensitive digestive systems
• Highly digestible - quality ingredients
• Economical - nutrient dense
• Complete and fully balanced
• Promotes healthy skin and coat
• Three delicious flavours - chicken, lamb and fish

Burns Original is carefully formulated with premium ingredients in a hypo-allergenic formula to promote healthy digestion and support dogs with digestive and skin sensitivities. The Burns recipe is wheat gluten free and contains no beef, dairy or soya, created without the ingredients commonly associated with food allergies.

Only quality ingredients are used to create Burns Original, ensuring optimum nutrition and a highly digestible formula that provides your dog with a nutrient dense meal. The nutrient dense and naturally delicious kibble provides your adult and senior dog with all the vitamins and minerals they need for overall health and condition. Burns Original has lower feeding amounts when compared to many other dry foods, making it very economical.

Burns Original comes in three delicious flavours, chicken, fish and lamb with brown rice, and uses unusual sources of carbohydrates and proteins making them much less likely to cause digestive upset. It is naturally delicious and promotes healthy skin and a glossy coat, whilst supporting digestion with higher levels of natural fibres to keep your dog happy and healthy from the inside out.