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Shires ARMA Carbon Over Reach Boots

Shires ARMA Carbon Over Reach Boots

The Shires Arma Carbon Over Reach Boots are made from quality materials to offer excellent protection from injury when over reaching.

Price: £29.99

• Quick dry
• High impact protection
• Breathable cooling system
• Contoured superior fit
• Durable design
• Lightweight
• Prevents injury when over reaching

Designed for maximum comfort and protection. Prevents injury from over reaching to the delicate heel bulb and pastern area. TRIPLE IMPACT SUPPORT SYSTEM Three layer system protects the heels. 1. Durable carbon effect outer deflects knocks and blows. 2. Shock absorbing EVA foam centre. 3.Dense neoprene lining to cushion NO-TURN TECHNOLOGY Anti-spin nodules prevent the boots from twisting.

Double lock touch close fastenings with ARMA rubber pull tab ensure secure positioning. CUSHIONED FIT Soft, padded neoprene on the collar and lining prevent rubbing around the pastern, as well as providing additional protection.