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Seals Equilibra 500

Equilibra 500 Feed Balancer

Equilibra 500 is an advanced feed balancer for horses which will help to maximise the digestion and absorption of all feedstuffs.

Price: £30.55

The main benefit from feeding Equilibra 500 is that it enables the horse to maximise his digestion and absorption of the nutrients from all foodstuffs, particularly those from forage or fibre based diets. It contains a high level of Omega 3 to support optimum health, fertility and performance. Using this balancer will help to minimize the build up of toxins in the gut which can often cause digestive upsets. It will help the absorption of minerals and vitamins. Equilibra also contains Oatinol which will aid enzyme activity and nutrient absorption, Oatinol is added to maintain the health and function of the gut membrane. It also contains natural and powerful antioxidants. It is a 100% Non GM soya free formulation. It is made in a pelleted form which is very palatable.

Feeding instructions:-
Introduce gradually over three or four days. The daily ration should be divided between feeds.

Foals from 4 weeks - 50gms
Youngstock and ponies from 10hh to 12hh - 250gms
Youngstock and ponies from 12hh to 14hh - 350gms
Horses 14hh to 16.2 - 500gms
Mares in foal or nursing up to 14hh - 500gms
Performance horse and Stallions up to 16.2 - 500gms
Horses over 16.2 - 600gms
Mares in foal or nursing over 14hh - 600gms
Performance horses and Stallions over 16.2hh - 600gms

1 full measure = 250gms

Protein 17%, Oil & Fats 7%, Fibre 12%, Ash 7%, Calcium 1.2%, Phosphorus 0.6%, Sodium 0.4%, Omega 3 Fats 3000 mg/kg