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Flopro plus Double Tap Connector

Flopro + Double Tap Connector

+ Double Tap Connector for joining 2 hoses to a single outside tap when used with hose connectors.

Price: £19.99

- Water flow is adjustable for each hose separately - simply turn the ergonomic styled valve
- One or both hoses can be used or the water can be turned off completely
- Ergonomic dials
- Made from premium grade plastic
- Ideal for use with automatic watering system; controllers can be screwed directly underneath the tap
- Diameter: 21mm 1/" BSP (G 1/2) 26.5mm 3/4" (G 3/4) 33.3mm 1" BSP (G1)

Dual tap connector allows 2 hoses to be connected to a single tap. One or both hoses can be selected or the water can be turned off. The connector securely attaches to tap, allowing a snap fit to all watering brands.