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Previous News Articles from the Chandlers Country Stores News Page

New Safety app for Horse Riders

08 Jun 2012

The Rescue Me app is now available for your Smart phone. It helps to locate riders who have fallen off and may be injured. The Rescue Me app has been launched by PRP Rescue Services, a company that provides equestrian breakdown assistance.  It uses smartphone global satellite positioning to find you. It works by you just pressing the Rescue Me button and it sends your exact latitude and longitude to PRP and your exact location can be pinpointed to within six feet. To find out more information visit

Countdown to the Olympics

01 Jun 2012

Countdown to the Olympics only 8 weeks to go. New unknown joins the GB team for Showjumping. This 19 year old Ellie Hughes has been selected for Team GBR.

Badminton Horse Trials cancelled

01 May 2012

Badminton Horse Trials has had to be cancelled due to the ground conditions due to heavy rainfall. Very disappointing for competitors and spectators.

Dangers of tying your horse up with Baler twine

24 Apr 2012

Modern nylon baler twine is not suitable for tying up horses as it can be dangerous and will not break in an emergency, unless it is split so that you are using fewer strands. Old-fashioned sisal twine is preferable, as it will break in an emergency. The relatively new twine on the market which is higher density for bigger, heavier bales, so that is stronger and will obviously not break as easily. There are various products on the market to tie your horse to more safely, the Equitie is one of these which can be attached to your tie up ring and then you attach your lead rope to it. It will pull apart in an emergency.

Special Offers

24 Apr 2012

Keep a look out for Special Offers, new ones coming soon !!

Changes to vetting rules

20 Jun 2011

The five key changes to vetting procedure:
1. Vets will have to state whether the seller is a client of their practice.
2. Vets must declare any previous knowledge of the horse, by themselves or any other member of their practice.
3. If a procedure is omitted e.g. flexion test, the vet must document why.
4. Potentail purchasers will be advised to obtain insurance before buying
5. Purchasers will be urged to obtain a warranty from the seller.

This means for the seller:-
Information about the relationship between seller and vet will be disclossed with horse's past medical history so it will be more difficult to conceal a problem
This means for the buyer:-
Vets must explain why certain procedures are left out and be more explicit about the vetting.
This means for the vet:-
Clear documentation of their findings mean vets will have information to fall back on in case of any disputes post purchase.

Five Bar Competition

10 Mar 2011

Quorn hunt are running a competition at the Vale View Equestrian Centre on the 26th March. This is open to all hunt subsribers from all recognised hunts. They will jump a gate starting at 3' and rising to 6'6" maximum. Riders must jump the gate clearly in both directions to stay in the competition. Winning prize £1,000 and a trophy of the original gate which was jumped at Lowesby by the late Marquiis of Waterford in 1838.

Forestry Commision Sale

28 Jan 2011

Forestry Commision land is going to be sold which will affect riders who at the moment have access to it. If it is sold to the private sector access to it will probably be limited to the established footpaths and not to the equestrian access. There is a petition being set up for riders to sign to oppose the sale of this land.

Shivers survey

24 Jan 2011

The University of Minnesota has asked horse owners who suspect that their horse has 'shivers' the neurological condition to fill in an online survery and upload a video of their horse. The signs of this disease are excessive hindlimb flexion or extension, muscle tremors, tail elevation and difficulty in raising hindlimbs.  The Minnesota vet hopes to use the data to formulate a successful treatment.

National Dressage Championships Stoneleigh

09 Aug 2010

New for 2010 there will be a Nationals Pavilion. This will offer spectators an unrivalled view of the action and is the perfect place to sit back and relax with friends to enjoy the best of British Dressage. Tickets start at £20 a day.

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