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Global Herbs WindGall

Global Herbs Windgall

Nutritional support for unsightly puffiness around the horses fetlocks and other joints.

Price: £45.00

Every horse has Windgalls to some extent. This is the area around the fetlock where joint and tendon fluid creates a soft area under the skin. In some horses this swelling may be quite pronounced if there is not enough or too much exercise. The fluid that is in this soft area provides nutrition to the underlying areas and lubrication so all the parts of the joints and tendons slide against each other easily.

Global Herbs Windgall formula is designed to provide all the nutrition that this part of the body needs to remain in good condition and trouble free. You can feed the formula over prolonged periods or just for a month or two if you have specific concerns at a given time.

We also advise that you might consider using StrongBone regularly at a low level. This ensures the body absorbs calcium magnesium and phosphorus properly and that all the joint structures are as robust as is possible. You do not however need to use MovefreePlus with Windgall. Extra Bute-X may be useful on days of particularly hard exercise and on the day after particularly strenuous competition.

We find this product very useful and it assists greatly the sensible and careful management of healthy active joints.

Directions for Use:
Feed 1-2 25ml scoops twice daily for an average horse depending on the level of help required.