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Red Gorilla Weigh Tape

Red Gorilla Weigh Tape for Horses and Ponies

The Red Gorilla Weigh Tape for horses and ponies give you a great guide to the weight of your horse for accurate feeding and worming.

Price: £5.99

• Measures the horse s girth in cm
• Estimates the horse s weight in both lbs. and kgs
• Easy to read and understand with printed instructions
• Available in a range of matching colours
• Made from double-sided PVC
• Packed in a plastic wallet with a card insert and header

The Weigh Tape from Red Gorilla® is the perfect way for you to easily monitor your horse's weight gain and loss, without complications. Works more accurately than a visual estimation! Our tape is designed to be used behind the elbows and withers. Accuracy may vary depending on your horse's body type, breed and fitness.