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Vandal Proof Box

Gallagher Vandal Proof Box

Gallagher Vandal Proof Box will deter vandals and protect your battery and fence unit.

Price: £204.00

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• Galvanised
• Vandal proof
• Can be locked
• Maximum battery size 45cm deep by 21cm wide
• Suitable for B80/B180/B280
• Warning sign

This box designed by Gallagher is to deter vandals and keep your electric fence battery and fencing unit secure. The box is galvanised and connected to the energiser. There is a warning sign to show it is live. The box will hold a battery measuring maximum 45cm deep by 21cm wide. It is suitable for use with B80, B180 and B280 units.
You may be able to fit other energisers with some alteration.