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Purina Omega Tasty With Chicken & Duck

Omega Tasty Cat

Omega Tasty Cat Food is fully balanced and nutritionally complete, formulated with all the nutrients your cat needs to stay fit and healthy.

Price: £24.17

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• 100% complete
• Balanced with essential minerals
• Helps to maintain healthy teeth and gums
• Supports good overall health
• Promotes a shiny coat and healthy skin
• Delicious crunchy biscuits
• Suitable for kittens (from 6weeks)
• Suitable for pregnant and nursing queen cats

Omega Tasty Cat Food is 100% complete suitable for adult cats, kittens and pregnant or nursing queens cats. It has been balanced with key vitamins and minerals to promote good overall health and wellbeing.

The delicious meaty or fishy biscuits are crunchy and help to keep your cat's teeth and gums cleaner and healthy, reducing the build up of tartar. Essential minerals and vitamins keep your cat looking healthy, promoting a glossy coat and healthy supple skin.

Omega Tasty Cat Food is made with wholesome ingredients, developed by experienced nutritionists at Purina Pet Care to ensure complete nutrition. It is suitable for kittens, pregnant or nursing queen cats as well as adult cats of different sizes, ages and breeds.