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Wolseley Swift Clippers
Wolseley Swift Clippers
Wolseley Swift Clippers

Wolseley Swift Clippers

Wolseley Swift Clippers are ideal personal clippers.

Price: £360.00

• Reliable
• Precise
• Lightweight
• Wrist safety strap
• 4m cable
• Overload cutout switch
• Smooth finish

The Wolseley Swift Clipper is a reliable, long lasting clipper. Most suitable for use on 3-4 horses a year. It features a reinforced nylon head making it quiet and light, and an air cooled motor which works to blow hair away from the horse and the operator. The ergonomic handle allows the operator to stay comfortable when clipping for extended periods of time. It also makes hard to reach areas easier to clip. The wrist safety strap and thermal overload cutout switch add great safety features to these clippers.
clippers come in a reinforced plastic carry case with A2 blades, a clipper brush and a 200ml aerosol of Wolseley clipper oil. 12 month warranty included.

Motor: 90 watts
Weight: 1.2kg
Grip: 51mm
Blade speed: 2200 rpm
Voltage: 220/240 v

Wolseley Clipper Oil Aerosol
Original Wolseley A2 Clipper Blade
Wolseley Clipper Oil Bottle

Wolseley Clipper Oil Aerosol Can

Wolseley A2 Clipper Blades

Wolseley Clipper Oil Bottle



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