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Global Herbs SuperCalm Instants

Global Herbs SuperCalm Instant

SuperCalm Instant is a concentrated form of SuperCalm which works in 1-3 hours and lasts for over half a day.

Price: £15.50

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SuperCalm Instant is to use on performance horses that looses nervous energy before exercise. It helps with stamina, recovery after exercise and can even be used to calm horses down before travelling or clipping.

The only instant calmer for a strong body and strong mind. Useful in a wide variety of situations, even weaning stress in foals. These sachets can be used before you ride out or do any exercise, before loading to travel. They are useful when your horse is getting clipped or shoeing.

Dissolved in warm water and given by syringe as a drench.

Tub of 5 sachets and usually owners use 1-2 sachets each day as needed.

10g a day for adult horses on the day and for 1-3 days prior a stressful situation. Can be used as little as 1-2 hours before effect is needed. Dissolve in cup of warm water and mix into feed or just mix the powder straight in. Can be made into liquid with warm water and given by mouth with a syringe.