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Net-tex Supalyx
Net-tex Supalyx
Net-tex Supalyx
Net-tex Supalyx
Net-tex Supalyx

Nettex Supalyx

Nettex Supalyx is a unique supplement that is specially formulated for horses and ponies to provide nutrients, vitamins and minerals that may be lacking.

Price: From £6.58

These licks provide selected feed nutrients, vitamins, minerals and specific additives that are proven to be beneficial to equines.

As with any new feed you need to introduce gradually before allowing them to have the lick freely. Ensure grazing is always available. The daily intake maybe up to 400g per head but this depends on other feeds available, forage quality, work load, age and size. Handles can be removed on tubs if needed.

12kg Tub:
A field lick that can be used for a group of horses that are housed together.
Allow 1 x 12.5kg tub for up to 5 horses.
Move tub regularly to avoid poaching.
If fed to a large group of horses position multiple tubs over the grazing or housed area.
3kg Tub:
A smaller tub perfect for feeding individually in the stable.
Allow 1 x 3kg tub per stable ideally placed in the specially designed 3kg holder.
Can also be used to help reduce boredom when the horses or ponies are stabled for long periods.

There is Original Horse and Pony lick is to supply essential nutrients that are missing from pasture or forages. DiamondV XPC yeast culture for enhanced digestion, Biotin for better hoof integrity and durability. Organic selenium and Vitamin E for immunity and health.

Horse and Pony Easy Breather is a carefully selected product with a blend of eucalyptus, menthol, plant extracts and essential oils. Feed all year round to help maintain a healthy respiratory system, especially when stabled or in hard work.