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Global Herbs SupaHoof

Global Herbs SupaHoof

Global Herbs SupaHoof contains the highest specification of Methionine, Biotin and Zinc from natural sources, optimises new hoof growth.

Price: £26.25

o Natural hoof supplement for horses
o Highest specification of Methionine, Biotin and Zinc
o Highly absorbable nutrients for optimum benefits
o Promotes superior new hoof growth
o Contains the key elements from GlobalVite
o Biotin from a natural plant source Ideal for horses with weak crumbling hooves
o Perfect for routine hoof maintenance of all hooves

SupaHoof is a great natural product, made with high quality ingredients and plants sourced from the African and Asian Savannah, chosen for their easily absorbed natural biotin content. Biotin is well known as an additive that will help to strengthen horn growth and this natural source is highly absorbable allowing your horse to get the full benefits. SupaHoof also contains a selection of the best elements from the all-round vitamin and mineral supplement GlobalVite fromthe Global Herbs general wellbeing collection. These high quality nutrients support not only hoof health but have many other health benefits, promoting overall condition and vitality. Horses would naturally cover a wide ranging source of grazing in the wild, which would give them access to many different plants with a range of beneficial nutrients for overall health. A horse would naturally seek out any nutrients they lack but domestication and restricted grazing and housing prevents horses from being able to source these essential nutrients. SupaHoof helps to replace many of these essential naturally found nutrients for superior hoof health and horn growth. This natural supplement is fast acting and economical, with the highest specification of Zinc, Methionine and Biotin, essential nutrients for hoof growth and quality. The zinc moleculesare bound to amino acids and the Methionine and Biotin are from a natural source making them all more easily absorbed by the body. The powerful SupaHoof formulation is perfect for weak and crumbling hooves, and horses with weak hooves that struggle to keep shoes on, strengthening the hoof and significantly improving hoof growth.