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Westgate Stick-on Letters

Stable Kit Stick-on Letters

Westgate Stick-on Letters are the perfect way to mark out your dressage arena, simply stick them on a suitable sturdy backing or to replace existing markers.

Price: £1.00

• Replacement letters for marking your arena
• Use on walls or fence to mark out an arena
• easy to use - stick-on
• Letters A,B,C,E,F,H,K,M available
• Extended arena letters available R,S,V,P

All the letters are available to purchase separately to either replace ones that have been damaged or faded on your dressage markers, or you can use them on a wall or fence to mark out your arena. The Stick-on Letters are easy to apply and all the letters needed for marking out a dressage arena are available. You might like to add the longer arena letters to an arena you already have so you can just buy R,S,V,P to extend it.