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Lister Star

Lister Star

Star Clippers are lightweight with a balanced slim grip making them comfortable to use.

Price: £240.00

• Slim grip
• Lightweight
• 45W motor
• Ventilated head
• Overload switch
• Removable and replaceable air filter
• Supplied with A2F blades
• Mains power

Lightweight Star clippers from the well known Lister range have a powerful 45W motor, with a ventilated head preventing the blades from overheating and an overload switch to protect the motor from damage. The ventilation also helps to keep the hair away from your face while you are clipping. There is a removable and replaceable air filter to make maintenance easy. The Star clippers are well balanced with a slim grip making them comfortable to use.
Complete with A2F blade
Weight 800g
Grip Diameter 57mm
Mains power.