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Allen and Page Poultry Breeder

Small Holder Range Specialist Poultry Breeder

Specialist Poultry Breeder is a complete feed that is high protein, high energy pellet for breeding birds.

Price: £12.76

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o Complete feed for breeding birds
o All essential vitamins and minerals
o High in energy for breeding birds
o Source of quality protein
o Free from coccidiostats
o Suitable for rare breeds and hybrids
o Non-GM ingredients
o Approved by Vegetarian Society

This is a specialist feed for the Poultry Breeder and is excellent for rare breeds particularly hybrids. Specialist Poultry Breeder contains high levels of itamins, trace minerals and amino acids which help to improve fertility and egg quality. Included are a natural blend of herbs and plant extracts that are known to assist breeding. The blend of oils, soya,linseed and maize ensure a balance of Omega 3 & 6 oils which are excellent for plumage. It is high in energy and, to provide essential nutritional support for breeding birds and promote good condition. It is suitable for all rare breeds and hybrids, providing a balanced diet with a small pellet size of approximately 2.5mm, making it ideal for smaller breeds like bantams.It is free from drugs, free from coccidiostats and band substances, and contains only non-GM ingredients to provide a naturally healthy diet for specialist breeding birds.