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Global Herbs Skratch Plus

Global Herbs Skratch Plus

For Itching, works from the inside to soothe itching skin. Passes through skin to help repel midges and flies.

Price: £26.00

Global Herbs Scratch Plus forms part of their Scratch range this being designed as the severe itch formula.

Skratch is perhaps the most effective supplement to help with tail, mane and skin. It soothes itching in the spring and summer season like no other formula.
Helps control flies and midges and really gets to the heart of your concerns. An essential mix to use whenever your horses skin is a worry to you.

Surprisingly Skratch is also very useful for tight chests that occur in dusty environments (combine with Global Herbs Zephyr DusteX).

Directions for Use:
Introduce very gradually over a few days as Global Herbs Scratch Plus is a strong formula.
Feed 1 blue 25ml scoop twice daily (5g per 100kg bodyweight).
Review after 4 weeks and if necessary continue throughout the season.